Sign in to GradeSpeed

(Updated 7/2012)


Sign in to GradeSpeed using login authentication (username and password are separate from your network/computer login).

Sign in

  1. Go to the GradeSpeed web address provided by your school district. The Sign In screen appears.

  2. Click Administrator. If you have logged in from this computer before, the system will remember your username but will require you to enter your password. Note that the password can be entered using a Virtual Keyboard. To use the Virtual Keyboard, click the tiny keyboard icon next to the password field and enter the password using your mouse.

  1. Once your username and password are entered into the appropriate fields, click Sign In.

  2. On the next screen, choose a role (if applicable). For example, you may need to use tools from GradeSpeed, and from ParentConnection. Your single username and password, or login profile provides access to those accounts.

  3. Depending on your role, you may be prompted to choose a campus. Note: you will only be prompted to choose a school if your account has access to multiple campuses - if you only have access to one school, you will skip this screen. After your first login, the system will remember which school you selected and will log you in directly. You can change schools once you are logged in.

  4. Select the appropriate campus and click OK.

Note: If you are not actively working in GradeSpeed, your session may timeout. If so, you need to sign in again.