Sign in to GradeSpeed

(Updated 7/2012)


Sign in to GradeSpeed to work with the GradeSpeed gradebook.

  1. Go to the GradeSpeed URL provided by the campus administrator. The sign in screen appears.

  2. Click Teacher.
    Note: If you have logged in from this computer before, the system will remember your username but will require you to enter your password.

  1. Select the school from the School pop-up menu.

  2. Enter your teacher ID in the Teacher field.

  3. Enter your assigned password in the Password field.

  4. Enter a password if one has already been assigned. If no password has been assigned and this is the first login attempt, leave the password field blank. Note that the password can be entered using a virtual keyboard. Click the small keyboard icon to enter the password using your mouse.

  1. Click Sign In.

  2. On the next screen, choose a role (if applicable). You can toggle between these accounts/roles after logging in using the Switch Schools function. The gradebook appears.

Note: If you are not actively working in GradeSpeed, your session may timeout. If so, you need to sign in again.